Athletes and sports enthusiasts benefit from Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts. They are becoming more aware of the importance of incorporating yoga in their training programme in order to enhance their performance. Here are 7 reasons why yoga can be beneficial for those involved in sports and athletics.

  1. Yoga increases Flexibility and Range of Motion. By increasing flexibility and range of motion one can move more freely with less chance of injury during sports and athletic activity.

  2. Yoga improves mental focus and body awareness. Yoga improves mental alertness through different postures and breathing, which in turn aids focus. Moreover, one’s proprioception (sense of body positioning and movement) is enhanced.

  3. Yoga improves balance. Various sport disciplines are repetitive by nature, thus creating body imbalances, i.e. some muscle groups are strengthened while others are ignored. This mechanical dominance can create musculoskeletal imbalances that can generate chronic injuries. By concentrating on the body as a whole, yoga can correct these imbalances.

  4. Yoga increases strength and agility. Many yoga postures involve the entire body working as a whole unit, so the strengthening of one muscle group is connected to that of another muscle group. This enables athletes to move swiftly and effortlessly in sports when the whole body moves as a unit.

  5. Yoga enhances recovery. The majority of sports activities generate lactic acid in the muscle tissue. Yoga exercises can help in its removal. Lactic acid can negatively affect performance in future training and sports events if not removed. Additionally, yoga improves sleep patterns, thus providing proper rest which is crucial for an athlete’s recovery process.

  6. Yoga reduces stress. Yoga helps release stress in the body and mind. When one is stressed out, the body can hold that tension in the neck, shoulders, back, hamstrings, stomach, etc. Tense muscles decrease flexibility and increase pain and risk of injury. Through Yoga the body and mind are in top form and therefore enhance performance. 

  7. Yoga enhances the respiratory system. Yoga breathing exercises improve the ability to maximize lung capacity. Healthy lungs are extremely important for athletes.

Whatever sport one chooses to practise, yoga can enhance and complement it. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (a great basketball player) says “There is no way I could have played as long as I did without yoga. It was yoga that made my training complete”. Ryan Giggs, a legend player of Manchester United, credits yoga for his longevity in the game. “You can feel it working and you can feel the benefits straight away. My body feels so much better having done the yoga. Wish I had done it from the start of my career.”

Although Yoga offers great benefits, athletes should be careful of the style of Yoga they choose to practise and how this is included into their training programme. Ideally, sessions should be tailor-made accordingly.