Can Yoga Help Seniors Fight Aging?

Regular exercise can improve your quality of life. However, many older adults struggle to find a safe, low-impact exercise that fits within their fitness levels. Yoga for seniors offers a good solution. It offers a low-impact activity, making it suitable for those with joint pain, osteoporosis, or limited mobility.

Multiple studies provide data showing that yoga practice positively affects cellular ageing, mobility, balance, mental health, and the prevention of cognitive decline, all areas of concern for older adults.

These studies have shown that yoga has positive neurological and mental health benefits, helpful in maintaining physical mobility and functional independence in seniors, thus counteracting the ageing process.

Among other benefits, yoga for seniors:

Reduces chronic pain.

Improves the quality of sleep.

Decreases blood pressure.

Helps in diabetes management.

Increases stability and balance.

Increases flexibility.

Improves respiration.

One needs to be aware that not all styles of yoga are recommended for seniors. Before joining a class, it is highly recommended to ensure that it is the right style of yoga, as classes must fit your comfort level and respect your unique physical ability.

Ra Yoga classes are suitable for seniors. It is recommended to take the free consultation before one joins the sessions. 


Ra Yoga Malta by Ray Cacciattolo is suitable for seniors.