How Ra Yoga is helping me reach a higher fitness level in badminton

My name is Sam Cassar and I’m a semi professional badminton player and I am doing what it takes to reach the highest level of badminton competitions such as European championships and Olympics.

After a lot of training I get a lot of extra stiffness and tightness and wanted to find a solution for this to help myself recover from training, improve my flexibility and mobility on court and my overall physical and mental wellbeing. This is where Ra Yoga came in, after 6 or so months I feel so much different and better both on court and off court. Ray helped me a lot in removing my excess tightness by giving me new ideas to target specific areas for my individual needs and also by helping me any time I needed him. 

Overall I would highly recommend Ra Yoga for anyone who is a person like me or similar as it made a huge difference both in my badminton and my personal life.