Notes to self: Making moments count.

Like everybody else, my life is a whole of different moments. Some I create, and some happen to me. Both can affect the way I feel. There are many situations I cannot control and instances where I have the liberty and power to create the necessary moments to feel fulfilled. It’s my responsibility to make moments count with the right thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviour.

 I must be aware of people and moments that drag me down, drain my spirit and steal my peace. I can be less reactive or non-reactive for adverse circumstances, situations and life events. It’s not easy, but possible. 

I accept that I can’t always be okay all the time. To enrich my life and inner peace, I need to work on it continuously by cultivating awareness. I choose prayer, yoga and meditation to help me achieve this. 

Life is short but precious, and every day is a gift. So, why not make this borrowed time on earth worth living a fulfilled and meaningful life? —a life of service to myself and others. A life where every moment counts.