ray-profile-transparentI commenced the practice of yoga in Malta in 2001 to increase my fitness level and to find out what this multi benefit exercise system is all about. It immediately struck me that yoga is much more than a physical exercise. Through regular practice, besides gaining my desired level of fitness, I started to observe a great shift of inner well-being, harmony and a deep sense of peace.

Yoga makes me feel good and helps me get in touch with my inner-self. I consider it to be my medicine to effectively deal with my daily life. Through yoga I feel more balanced, centered and calm.

I feel gratitude for having the privilege to study and attend courses under the guidance of great yoga teachers, like Zoya Lu ( and Fred Busch (

My yoga teaching experience includes yoga for athletes, for the blind and visually impaired and for persons suffering from mental illnesses.

It is my pleasure to share the many benefits that yoga has to offer, whatever your age, level of fitness and shape of your body. Besides improving your physical health, toning your muscles and internal organs, yoga helps you deal more effectively with daily stresses and perceive life in a more positive way.

Ray has a calm, pleasant personality and there was a very relaxed feel to the sessions - Z. Bugeja

Ray Cacciattolo

Certified Power Yoga Instructor -Yoga Alliance 2011
Pilates Instructor -National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, 2007,
Hatha Yoga Teacher – C.H.Ed (Dip.Yoga), Kevala Centre, 2005,
Sport Yoga Instructor (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, 2004).