yoga in malta

To say we’re thankful to Ray Cacciattolo Yoga is an understatement. This Yoga instructor is one of a kind – he touches the lives of so many people in a very meaningful way. He speaks in a language that the blind can see… We are so grateful, Ray! – SPERO  (training and activity centre for the visually impaired).

‘Simply a wonderful approach to Yoga – working on individual strengths and weaknesses. I saw such a great improvement on pain management! Ray places emphasis on stretches and breathing, and most importantly on listening to one’s own body!’- Dr Vanessa Camilleri

I’d fully recommend Ray as a yoga teacher. This was my first experience of a yoga class (having had private sessions before) and I was especially pleased with the way he constantly reminded us not to push ourselves beyond our limits and always offered easier variations. The sessions were always varied and included a most welcome relaxation cool-down at the end. Ray has a calm, pleasant personality and there was a very relaxed feel to the sessions.  Zillah Bugeja

‘I have nothing but praise for Ray and his classes! Highly recommended for one’ s mental and physical health, no matter whether you are a beginner or not. I wish I could attend everyday!’ – Dr Clarissa Sammut Scerri

‘Ray holds fabulous classes. He makes time for everyone & makes you feel comfortable about how much or little you feel you can do. Walking home after his class I feel like I have had a factory reset, with a smile on my face & a spring in my step.’Tina Wood

‘Thanks to  Ray Cacciattolo I was relieved from back and neck sports injuries. All in a friendly, relaxed and chilled environment. Highly recommended!’Zepp Gauci

‘I recommend Ra Yoga Malta to everyone, not just because is Yoga, but for how Ray teaches yoga, Ray classes are for everyone, sports men and woman, people from the office, people with any kind of conditions, problems or injuries, no matter what age you are, young, middle age or old, people from every corner of life, Ray yoga truly will fits for you.. i recommend Ray because he’s not just our teacher, but because all of his student’s are his best friends, he listens with open ears and heart to everyone, my self I wait for Saturday not for weekend to start, but for the Ray yoga class’ – Brian Vella 

‘Ray is a very professional, concerned, and practical man whose classes are great for those who need to stretch, improve their balance, and build overall strength. Ray gives his students a variety of options to suit the beginners, intermediates, and advanced. There is no pressure in performing, and each class rewards you with a great feeling, both physically and mentally’. – Natalie Gauci

Very satisfying sessions.’ – Carol Gobey

‘Two years ago I suffered SSNHL – Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in one ear which triggered off severe 24/7 tinnitus. Yoga and the way Ray teaches it has played a key role in my ability to cope so effectively with my condition. Yoga has major benefits on the mind, the body and the spirit.’- Patrick Psaila

‘Ray is a passionate and down-to-earth yoga practitioner and teacher! Give his classes a try – you will leave the class calm and satisfied with your own self. There is no need to have experience in yoga as Ray caters for each individual’s needs (from the most basic to the advanced). I personally take his classes to distress from the busy world we live in and consequently regenerate myself with positive energy.’ – Sean Ryan Atkins

Good timing, excellent sessions, professional trainer. Keep up the good work!’ – Charles Pace

After the long break from yoga it was a relief to come back to your classes. I’m feeling good about myself once again. Thanks’ – Caroline Gatt

‘Ending a stressful working day with a Yoga class is just bliss. Ray makes sure to keep us motivated and teaches several poses that range from beginner’s to advanced. It is fun for everyone! Highly recommended!’- Katia Zahra Mangani

A very relaxed lesson with a very entertaining instructor.’ – Thelma Gera

I found it really good to complement my training in athletics. It is good for core, back, hamstrings etc.!’ – Matthew Crocker

It is too early to say that yoga changed my life, but it surely made a difference. It is even incredible how you manage to make it fun! Thanks’ – Noel Mallia

I am glad I found these classes. Keep it up!’ – Maria Guida

I Highly recommended!!! Ray is an amazing person inside out! He gives importance to everyone in class and makes you feel welcome and comfortable . – Janice Pace Borg

‘Challenging yoga in a supportive, personalised environment, delivered with a positive and light hearted attitude’ S. Buhagiar

‘After your yoga sessions, I always feel mentally sharp and energised, light and able to tackle tasks at home after class. I used to feel ready for bed and not feel like doing anything after other yoga sessions. Your sessions have something positively different and needed.’ – feedback provided by a student who has been practising yoga for over fifteen years.