What if I die today? 

Ending this day, being alive is not guaranteed. So what if my soul is to depart from my body on this particular day? On its journey to a blissful place, let’s say my spirit can reflect on my stay on Earth: Did I live my mission and life to the full?

Having big dreams in life is not in my DNA. I do not have a bucket list. I don’t need to reach any dream to feel successful.  I believe that success means being aware of inner peace and finding ways to experience it. Living life to the fullest is knowing my mission according to my values and principles and living accordingly. Like everybody, I am subject to feeling positive and negative emotions.

Life for me is a daily celebration of living it simply and ordinarily. That includes life’s pleasures and necessities, including healthy relationships, laughter, exercise, eating well, resting and getting enough sleep. Apart from serving myself, an essential factor is serving others.

I consider myself a spiritual person.  Knowing God is within and by my side makes a significant positive difference. God is love, so I am surrounded by and embodied in it.

So, if I were to die today, my life would have been worth living. From a human perspective, departing from my loved ones is deeply painful. 

And since I am still here, conscious that I am not perfect and made many mistakes, I apologise to anyone I might have hurt.